When I was young I used to go to church and pray. To be honest I did not really think about why I did it, my parents and the church set the example. From the age of 13, I stopped being a regular visitor of the Catholic Church.

I stopped believing in God. In fact I stopped believing, period.

Around the age of 24 I reembarked on my spiritual journey. Started doing yoga, learning about mindfulness, meditation and body and breath work. The practice became part of my daily routine. I discovered the benefits of being aware of my spiritual health. The balance between body mind spirit that is.

Recently I added praying to my meditation practice. Why?

Because there is a significant difference between the two. Meditation is focused on body mind spirit. It is focussed on me. In meditation I can gain insights and clarity for myself. I can even receive signs from the Universe. Meditation represents awareness. Turning within. In meditation I listen ‘passively’. I am the witness. I understand. I can make new choices. I feel one with the other. I can feel enlightened.

Praying is different. When praying I can gain clarity for myself, ask for guidance for me AND someone else. Family, friends … my inner circle. But also for the animals, the world and mother earth. When I think of praying I think of love. Praying is an action. When I pray I allow. It is an act of faith. When I pray I send love to myself and the world. It gives me the opportunity to share my joy, love and peace with the world and leave my positive footprint.

I am happy I found my way to integrate my ‘old’ believe with my all time favorite. And it makes a lot of sense…. to me!

So from now on I will have the best of both worlds. Feeling blessed.

Namasté, Love, Joy & Peace